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Company in order to ensure the smooth implementation of various systems, to achieve the purpose of Jiangyoufalie, especially to develop the relevant incentive management standards. The standard applies to all staff, office administration by the Division is responsible for the company. Reward employees, divided into awards, credit, bonuses and promotions, and advanced to four. Depending on the specific circumstances of the company's employees should be given awards, credit, remember great merit, promotion or salary increase, the specific award criteria are written to the company management system 07 edition compilation.
Staff in ensuring the basic welfare and incentive system, but also through the organization of staff sports, travel, field development projects and other activities to enrich the lives of employees, help employees improve team cohesion and solidarity, for the full development of individual employees to lay a good foundation.
Social Security:
Labor contracts to participate in all employee pension, health care, work injury, maternity, unemployment and other five insurance.
Provides holidays:
Statutory holidays, including New Year's Day, Labor Day, National Day, Chinese New Year, in addition, there are marriage leave, maternity leave, public holidays, bereavement leave, leave and related housing and other paid leave.
We pay benefits, and firmly tilted to the excellent staff.
Implementation of competency-based wage distribution function of wage doctrine; bonus allocation and performance improvement departments and individuals linked; other related benefits such as distribution, according to the attitude of its staff evaluation results; medical insurance according to the contribution of the senior management and senior professional staff and general staff that the differential treatment, in addition to senior management and senior professionals to enjoy medical insurance, but also access to health care and other health treatment. However, we will not sacrifice long-term interests of the company's employees to meet short-term maximization of the distribution of benefits, the company ensure that economy was good and the stage of career development of employees per capita income higher than the corresponding region of the highest industry standards.
Career development:
Each employee through hard work, and the growth of talent at work, may be duties or qualifications for promotion. Correspondingly, to retain his position of fair competition, and resolutely implement the cadre system at higher or lower. People to grow the company law, based on objective and impartial evaluation of the results, so most responsible person as important positions. We do not rigidly adhere to qualifications and level, according to the company's organizational goals and career opportunities, requirements, according to institutional procedures, a prominent contributor to the implementation of exceptional talent and outstanding promotion. However, we advocate gradual.

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