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On 1999, Hongkong overseas Chinese Industrial Company Limited in HongkongTsuen Wan Chai Wan Kok Shunfeng industrial center
In 2000, the production base of marine electrical products factory in GuangdongProvince, Heyuan City Foreign Economic Development Zone set up
In 2003, the company the full implementation of ISO, and WCS, UL certification;
In 2004, some products through the CS, FI, VDE, CSA, TUV, ETL, CE and CCCcertification;
2005, day of plastic electronics ( Heyuan) Limited company;Get CQC on theISO9001:2000 quality system certification;As SONY green partner and OEMmanufacturer
By the national inspection and Quarantine Bureau as the level of the enterprise;
Import Best Light series of products, has sales volume 2000000;
In 2006, the company in Heyuan high-tech zone to purchase land to buildworkshop;The full import ROHS and ensure that all materials in accordance with the relevant standard of environmental protection;
In 2007, expand the scale of the company, the move to Heyuan High-techDevelopment Zone Branch Road seven;
In 2008, by the Heyuan High-tech Zone named caring staff excellent enterprise;By the China Quality Certification Center awarded excellent quality of Chinese famous brand;
On 2009, marine electrical products factory is a processing enterprises successful transition is owned enterprises, Unifi Inc name day plastic electronics ( Heyuan ) Limited company
On 2010, Tianyu electronic plastic limited company;To expand the scale of the company, the purchase of new plant, covers an area of about 30000 square meters;
On 2011, Scheming Companies listed on the work.
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